Outcomes of 9th GCHERA World Conference

An overview of the 9th GCHERA World Conference, Global Food Security and Food Safety: the Role of Universities, is available here.

The focus of the conference was on the effectiveness of universities in providing the educational, research and outreach foundations so critical to achieving global food and nutritional security in an environmentally sustainable manner. The conference featured speakers from six continents who presented case studies based on innovative approaches that their institutions were taking to delivering on the core mandates of universities. While there was recognition of the critical historical role that universities have played, through education, research and outreach, in helping feed a world population that has quadrupled in 100 years, there was also agreement that universities need to be more open to change in curricula, pedagogy, research, outreach, and community engagement to meet 21st century needs.

Overview of 9th GCHERA World Conference contains highlights of the discussions that took place at the conference, and some ideas for next steps. We hope this summary will be useful for members of the GCHERA community around the world.

Posted on 29 Jan 2018