Partner Gateway

At the global level GCHERA is an active member of various global fora including the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) Partner Assembly, the GFAR Steering Committee and the Global Task Force of the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP).

GCHERA also seeks to develop collaborative partnerships with CGIAR, the Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centres, GFRAS, the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services, and YPARD, the Young Professionals for Agricultural Development.  GCHERA also seeks partnership with other global organisation.

GCHERA’s aims in its involvement with these organisations is to support capacity building and collective learning in addressing the global challenges.  When GCHERA member associations identify issues at a regional or national level, GCHERA will bring these to the attention of global organisations, to support the actions of these global organisations as a partner in their agendas.  The GCHERA representatives will bring back the outcomes of the deliberations in the global fora to support GCHERA’s members in building capacity at the national or regional level.