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Higher education institutions can change the world

GCHERA and its partner the American University of Beirut (AUB) have received funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for a three-year project to promote the EARTH University model to select universities in Mexico and Haiti.   EARTH University’s Key Elements of Success – values-based education, experiential/participatory learning, community engagement, social entrepreneurship, ethical leadership and decision-making –

Kellogg Foundation funds project

American University of Beirut partners with GCHERA to promote EARTH University model to strengthen experiential learning and community engagement among global institutions of higher education in a project funded by the Kellogg Foundation.

GCHERA General Assembly 2017

The GCHERA General Assembly was held on Sunday 29 October 2017 at Nanjing Agricultural University during the 9th GCHERA World Conference. John Kennelly was elected President for a third term of office. Ylva Hillbur, Pro-Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for international relations at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), was elected Vice President. Maggi Linington, Executive

June Update from GCHERA President

President John Kennelly reported to GCHERA members the recent activities of GCHERA: GCHERA World Agriculture Prize 2017, GCHERA World Conference 2017 – October 28-30 Nanjing, GCHERA General Assembly 2017 – October 28 Nanjing, Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR), IICA-GFAR meeting – February 2017, Rome

GCHERA to Follow GCARD3 Outcomes

GCARD3 Theme 3: “Keeping science relevant and future-focused”.  GCHERA members are directly challenged to take forward two of the proposals from the Theme 3 discussions: One thousand additional PhDs per year in next-generation, future-relevant agricultural research. A higher-educational reform across a 100 universities over five continents. These proposals will be actioned at the GCHERA Annual