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GCHERA to Follow GCARD3 Outcomes

GCARD3 Theme 3: “Keeping science relevant and future-focused”.  GCHERA members are directly challenged to take forward two of the proposals from the Theme 3 discussions: One thousand additional PhDs per year in next-generation, future-relevant agricultural research. A higher-educational reform across a 100 universities over five continents. These proposals will be actioned at the GCHERA Annual

GCHERA Action Plan 2016 – 20

The GCHERA Action Plan sets out the way forward for GCHERA in terms of 8 outcomes which focus on supporting Life Science and Agricultural Universities develop graduates as the leaders to address the challenges of the 21st C.

GCHERA General Assembly 2015

The GCHERA General Assembly was held on 19 September 2015 at Nanjing Agricutlural University.  Representives were present from GCHERA member Higher Eduaction Asscoiations, and guests included representatives from GFRAS and YPARD.